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Brine Filtration: Techniques International Corporation has sophisticated Brine Filtration Equipment that meets the current standards of the industry.We offer cleaner brines for work over and well completions. Most modern and versatile equipment in the industry and handled by trained and experienced technicians. Our equipment is stackable. It has smallest foot-print & conserves space on the rig floor.




Mechanical Wire Line (Slickline) Services:
We have the latest advanced slick line units in the industry with experienced national and expatriate operators/supervisors. Our units are double drum with both braided and wire cable. Tool sales and rentals are available.


slickline tool


Slickline Tool:
Techniques International Corporation maintains a large inventory of downhole tools for various applications.




Spartek Memory Guage:
• BHP Build Up Survey
• Static and Flowing Gradient Survey
• BH Temperature Survey



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