In diverse oilfield frontiers, understanding of regional culture, local content laws, and practices mean survival in some of the most legally and environmentally challenging markets in the world. Survival depends on boots on the ground – the best local, regional, and global problem solving teams to manage drilling projects.

Techniques International, a US headquartered company, specializes in high-end consulting for drilling and completion projects domestically and worldwide. Our company founder, Barney Mahato invested his efforts in fulfilling the needs of exploration companies working globally in both established and emerging markets. Today, we continue his business legacy.

Our network of specialty consultants offer long-term drilling experience and expertise, our staff provide local knowledge and presence, and our alliance partnerships provide business synergies to create efficiencies for client needs. Visit our contact page for customization of single turnkey drilling projects, add-ons, and discrete project phases. No job is too big or too small.

Our Values

  • Vigilant
    We don’t take shortcuts. We are driven to perform.
  • Accountable.
    With consultants, clients, and vendors – we uphold professional standards.
  • Agile.
    We maintain lean methods to respond nimbly to client needs.
  • Conscientious.
    Every project is considered for safety of people, property and low environmental impact.

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