West Africa

Booming and Challenging

Taxes, security, currency shifts, and compliance with complex government regulations can be daunting for any corporation or consultant assigned to work in the region. Techniques is here to help.

In 1993, Techniques International Corp. Nigeria Limited became our first registered location outside the United States, successfully weathering multiple economic and governance challenges and disruptions. Techniques International has become a trusted presence in West Africa, including Equatorial Guinea (registered since 2003) and Ghana (2008). We have worked effectively with clients in Angola, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal, and Cameroon.

Services Provided
  • Integrated Drilling Project Management
  • Brine Filtration Equipment, Services and Personnel
  • Slickline Equipment, Services and Personnel
  • Custom Blended Oilfield Chemical Sales
    • Pipe Kote
    • Anchor Rigwash (Degreaser/Cleaner)
  • Equipment rentals
    • 10’, 20’and 40’ Containers
    • 350gal/550gal Stainless Steel Chemical Tote Tanks
    • 50 and 100 Barrel Storage Tanks
    • Dual Pallet Boxes
    • Cargo, Completion, and Half Height Baskets
      • Cargo Carrying Units Comply with either DNV 2.7-1 or EN 12027 and BS standards respectively

Techniques provides a seasoned understanding of the nuances, rewards, and working modus operandi of the West African marketplace. From logistical inquiries to end-to-end client and consultant support, our Western African affiliates offer the world’s most experienced high-end management consultants, project management and drilling consultants, operations integrity advisors, coordinators, and compliance experts that can manage every project phase from start to completion.


Our Services include upstream planning and asset management, contract negotiation, compliance help, drilling, work-overs, well completion, and clean up more economically and responsibly than competitors many times our size.

Techniques International knows how to ask the right questions. In West Africa, we handle everything from immigration protocol and visa processing, meet-and-greet at the airport, ongoing protection and coordination with client security personnel, logistics/transportation arrangements and navigation through government bureaucracy and regulation. We offer representation to foreign companies seeking partners with market reach and understanding, along with physical offices, land and/or warehouse spaces.

Our Clients in West Africa include:

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Addax Petroleum Development Company Ltd.
  • Other Clients include: Schlumberger, Expro, Halliburton, Lekoil, AOS, Shell, Seplat, Sterling Oil, Total, ENI, Delta Afrik

Consultants in West Africa

Our company puts you first. We focus on creating a secure business environment that allows you to do your best work providing drilling project management services on behalf of the client.

With local staff presence, we help our consultants acclimate to West Africa at every turn. Our staff will meet you at the airport, accompany you to your assignment locations, and arrange your travel and accommodations, visas, invoice, and billing services. We’ll be there to answer questions and ensure smooth transitions wherever you go.

Problems with culture, custom, or business practices? Techniques’ employees in West Africa know the ropes. They’ll help you negotiate, understand, and achieve your objectives while ensuring your security and physical well-being.

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