Tania Zachari 


Tania joined TIC in 2002 and took over leadership in 2014 as a second-generation family business owner. She has an Executive MBA from Tulane University, and affords TIC clients an extensive knowledge of business compliance and regulation. Tania is dedicated to team development, strategic thinking, organizational culture and behavior, and creating lasting professional relationships for continuity of brand, services, and offerings.

Yoganand Burada

Global Business Development/West Africa Operations Lead

Yoganand joined TIC in 2001. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and over 30 years of experience in working for various firms and managing teams in Nigeria and various other locations. Yoganand leverages a deep working knowledge of on-the-ground resources and capacity to exceed customer expectations and has extensive project management experience.   

Thomas “Tommy” Aucoin

Global Sales and Marketing/Guyana Operations Lead

Tommy joined TIC in 2006. As a second-generation oil and gas executive, Tommy has a vast knowledge of networks and historic global oil progression from South America to West Africa. A passionate coach and mentor, Tommy has over 40 years of experience managing teams in various countries. Additionally, Tommy has extensive project management experience. 

Candice Seipel

Global Operations/US Operations Lead

Candice joined the TIC team in 2002. With 25 years working and field-tested experience in logistics and business management services, Candice leverages an extensive knowledge of national, regional and industry compliance regulation. On top of that, Candice excels in organization, implementation, efficiencies, customer service and project management. 

Bridget Hebert

Global Accounting and Finance

Bridget joined TIC in 2008. Trained and mentored by a leading international tax specialist, Bridget is able to skillfully analyze and improve worldwide systems through implementation of processes and controls resulting in efficient workflow and financial savings for customers.