Brine Filtration

With over twenty-five years technical experience in Brine Filtration, Techniques’ Well Experienced Team has perfected their skills of selecting appropriate equipment to filter completion and workover fluids, therefore maximizing production enhancement, so that the client can focus on the productivity and profitability of their well. Our Team works to ensure that completions and workover fluids are filtered to prevent downhole contamination and formation damage.

Techniques offers sophisticated equipment, from modern Filter Presses to combination duplex pod bag and cartridge units that meet the demands of the industry. Our Duplex filter unit has the capability to use standard filter bags as well as standard plug-in cartridges. We optimize well bore cleanup as well as increased productivity in gravel packs.

The Team

With a strong presence along the West African coast, from land locations to deep-sea locations, our Team of experienced National engineers and technicians are available to deliver safe and high-quality services.


We have served prestigious contracts with clients like Texaco, Chevron, Addax, Halliburton, Kosmos Ghana, Tullow Ghana, and many more.

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