TIC has registered branches in the United States, Canada, Guyana, Ghana, Nigeria, India, and Suriname

We have prior experience on projects and/or business knowledge in Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Angola, Cameroon, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Kurdish Region of Iraq, Liberia, Qatar, UAE, Argentina and Colombia 



TIC has 20 years of practical, working knowledge on: 

  • Business Advisory Services 
  • Preliminary Considerations
  • Research & Development
  • Corporate Registration Regulations
  • Global and Local Taxation and Auditing
  • Various Insurance Considerations
  • Import, Export and Customs Compliance
  • Location and Infrastructure Potentials and Limitations Currency Volatility and Constraints 
  • Local Labor Laws and Local Content Work Force Development
  • Purchase to Payment Cycle Considerations
  • Legal Compliance
  • Industry, National and International Regulatory Compliance & Interrelations Immigration 
  • Logistics