Operational Drilling Technology

Operational Drilling Technology (ODT) Course

This program is developed to teach drilling practices and problems from Spud to completion for all levels from assistant driller to drilling manager. The course is taught by hole intervals starting with top-hole problems related to big-hole and normal pressure. After an appropriate casing string has been set, drilling continues into the abnormal pressure zone and heavy mud practices and problems are discussed. Well Control is introduced as one of the drilling problems and is taught by hole interval, actual case studies and enhanced training by hands-on simulator practice.


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IADC WellSharp for either Surface or Combined Surface/Subsea

Who Should Attend

Oil Company Personnel, Contractors, and Service Companies -Foreman, Engineers, Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Managers, Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Toolpushers, OIMs, Geologists, Production Workover Engineers, Drilling Consultants, Mud Engineers, Directional Engineers, MWD Operators, Tool Operators, Bit Company Representatives, Fishing Tool Representatives.


Course Length

10 Days

ODT Course Content:

  • Simulator Training
  • Drill String Design
  • Pre-Spud & Operator/Contractor Meeting
  • Hole Trends
  • Drill out Considerations
  • Leak-Off and Formation Capability Tests
  • Limitations to Control Capability
  • Volumetric Method of Well Control
  • Drillers Method of Well Control
  • Salt Water Flows & Kick Recognition
  • Modified Wait & Weight Method of Well Control
  • Well Control Method Determination
  • Shoe Pressure Case Study
  • Shallow Gas and Kicks; Diverting
  • General Mud
  • Top Hole Considerations & Hole Cleaning
  • Hydraulics
  • Lost Circulation – Top Hole
  • Deviation & Stuck Pipe
  • H2S & Safety
  • Mud Solids
  • Solids Control & Equipment Workshop
  • Lubrication, Stripping, and Snubbing
  • Tripping Practices and Considerations
  • Surface Casing, Casing & Cementing
  • Causes of Abnormal Pressure
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Well Control Flags & Transition Zone Indicators
  • Shales
  • Good Mud Practices
  • Logging & Perforating
  • Kick-Off Plugs
  • BOP Equipment & Regulations
  • Accumulator Sizing
  • Loss Circulation in Abnormal Pressure Zone
  • ECD Drilling Technique
  • UBO and Barite Plugs
  • Bits Overview
  • Optimization Consideration
  • Differential Sticking & Freeing Techniques (Oil Spotting)


Lecture, exercise, workshops, tests, simulator practice, PowerPoint presentations, and discussions.

Practice Exam

IADC is now making available an online WellSharp Practice Exam to help those trainees who have test anxiety and want to become more familiar with the process of taking an online WellSharp exam. Four exams are currently available: Driller-Surface Stack, Driller-Combination Stack, Supervisor-Surface Stack, and Supervisor-Combination Stack. Click here for access to these exams.

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