Practical Drilling Technology

Practical Drilling Technology (PDT) Course

Description: This is Part I of a two-course series in drilling technology. This 5-day drilling technology course is meant to equip drilling personnel with the technical tools needed to become effective supervisors. This course discusses some basics of Well Control but does not include Well Control certification. We offer IADC accredited Well Control classes at levels 2, 3, and 4.

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Who should attend

Derrickman, Drillers, Toolpushers, Wellsite Leaders, and Engineers

Course Length

5-day Course

Course Content

  • ourse Content:
  • Communication
  • Hole Trends
  • Problem Solving Model
  • Bits
  • Drill String Basics
  • Tripping Practices
  • Deviation & Stuck Pipe
  • Circulation System
  • Casing & Cementing
  • Abnormal Pressure
  • Mud & Mud Solids
  • Drillout Considerations
  • Leak-Off Tests
  • Formation Integrity Tests
  • Well Control Red Flags
  • Shallow Gas Kicks
  • Diverting
  • BOP Equipment Considerations
  • Salt Water Flows and Kick Identification
  • Well Control (Driller’s Method and Wait & Weight)
  • Kill Sheets
  • Lost Circulation in Vugular Formations
  • H2S Safety
  • Workover and Completions


Lecture, exercises, workshops, tests, PowerPoint presentations, and discussions.

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