Well Control – Level 2

Well Control – Level 2 (Introductory)

Description: The objective of this 4-day course is to lay a solid foundation in Well Control. The U-Tube Concept, gas laws, basic math skills, pressure basics, kick detection, kill sheet, drilling fluids, BOP equipment, shut-in procedures, and basic methods of Well Control are all covered. Candidates will receive IADC WellSharp Certification.

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Who Should Attend

Roughnecks, shakerhands, roustabouts and any entry level rig crews.

Course Length

4-Day Course


Required every 5 years

Course Content

  • Types of Drilling Rigs
  • Bottom Hole Pressure
  • Wellbore Fluids / Mud Gradient
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Normal vs Abnormal Pressure Zones
  • U-Tube Principle
  • Causes of Kicks
  • Transition Zone Indicators
  • Kick Recognition
  • Gas Behavior
  • Shallow Gas
  • Leak-Off Tests
  • Limits to Control Capability
  • Kill Sheets
  • Rig Circulating System
  • Drill String Basics
  • BOP Equipment
  • BOP Design Considerations
  • Subsea Considerations
  • Intro to Workover & Completions


Lecture, exercises, workshops, tests, simulator, PowerPoint presentations, and discussion.